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since I´ve been active here. I can´t promise that´ll change, because I am really busy with private life, learning and working...but I´ll try!


Black and white by tangytamarindBlack and White by LissuinLa Ronde by NuzvaelSilver Detail by firouz222Shelter Us by OhDoughBlack Look VI by JoannaRzeznikowska
In black and white by Elwing-Isilieleyes lose their fire by PsycheAnamnesisBlack Look VIII by JoannaRzeznikowska

self promotion

If you can spare some Daily-Deviations to become a super group again!


Tue Feb 26, 2013, 1:17 PM


blue crown by globalunionSurreal by xLindarielxIcy by ryanwaffFragile drop by Nataly1stDrop by kursatcimenDrip Drops XXIX by dragonfutureFaeries by Flopa.I f o u n d you hanging around. by GrotesqueDarling13


Sun Jan 27, 2013, 5:04 AM


thatīs what my life is about right now. well, except for little breaks like now, where I just need to do something fun....

College by Out-Damn-SpotBangkok University by palmbookUniversity of Genoa by gameover2009the university by torobalaThe University at Night by ThanaterRoyal Holloway University by anayuHTrinity College by ColeenDangerA Happy Release by Miss-DeadlyRed

:thumb57811850:Ballet school by andreydubininUniversity of Alicante III by photoprojectplusFresh blood by Brute-uaMan in Oxford by Gerry-And-Medont believe in fairytales by saturdayxAre you lazy by dcamachoHigher Geometry by Ice-Beam


Tue Dec 4, 2012, 6:01 AM


Snow in the forest 3 by howtiee93Buster. by shimahiBurning Sun by Jellebol:thumb341048955:Lamp in fog by mundo-de-suenosThe Awakening by ThiluWinter's Return by Ibiliciouswinter sun by linutee

First Snow by o-BlueMoon-oWinter dream by ildiko-neerLost battle by ildiko-neer


Mon Nov 12, 2012, 6:24 AM

about my life

so. a friend bought me a subscription with his credit card. thank you! I missed all the functions!

also I started studying in october. for me thatīs great. for you out there thatīs both, good and bad. bad because sometimes I might be too busy for dA. good because itīs a media study course and Iīll learn lots of great things and maybe create better art.


:thumb337373382:Ewa. by kaunau:thumb337389375:CC by filatoff113 by Bela01Blue flowers by Fra-Emer

Don't Fear To Go Through Fire by vishstudioHotel R by Lupardus-luAvelyn by mariannaphotographythe maroon bells nine by tmophoto

Lake Louise Pano by KRHPhotographytraveling with the sun by HeyLightBulbZenit ET by SwaEgo:thumb337391270:higher II by KariLiimatainenWhat do you see? by FixFaxetetes by julesajkaSubtle Occlusion I by Prithvi-EnochWhen Hope is Lost by LarsVanDeGoor


liquid art abstract5 by globalunionWater Drop by ZukichPhotographyDreams of Vivid Violet by GrotesqueDarling13Two Hundred Thirty Seven. by AnnarigbyBalloons II. by Kara-a:thumb328439284:We A l l Wish To Be .Truly. Free by GrotesqueDarling13Autumn drops by xxida

better drop 4 by afgismoMacro water drop on Dragonfly wing by jmd19bMacro water drop by jmd19bBubble drop II by relhomIn a Dream World by Sarah-BKThe Skirt by Creative--DragonBubbles by patrykcyk3 Kings (commission) by MRFarts
people and beautiful things

Summer Haze. by oro-eluiE l e g a n c e by Fragile-Eyes-FictionH e a r t by FlabnBoneEscape from Eden by Outcrossroyalforgotten melody by hayzy:thumb321321856::thumb321404201::thumb321168733:We Only Come Out At Night by goRillA-iNKLA GAULTIERRA by K-E-I-TMy Heart by DreamingInSpace



Monument Monoliths by StuzalStructure Goes Mad by FramedByNatureCoffs Harbour Jetty by DrewHopperMid-day Fog Rising by AlaskaGrlThe valley of shadows by BojkovskiPassion in the Sky by MarkLuceyComfortable silence by JPtHartSea Stacks on Oregon Coast 2 by Geotripper

Reflection by ThoughtMemoryTouch by porbitalHolding you so closely by Morgan-LouUnnatural Beauty by MyLifeThroughTheLens
the weather here is...meh. but it´s supposed to get better next week! yay! anyways, I´ve been on holiday, it was hot and therefore I am not used to the "cold" I need some summer, now!
and I´ve made lots of great photos on my trip, I hope I´ll find the time to post them soon!

Sparkly Spaztastic by goRillA-iNKSummer Morning by briannewestMerry Happy by Jules1983Summer Days II by IsacGoulartRaspberries by JeanFanyou put the colors in my sky by michellis13

Girls of summer 5 by d0zzsummer splash by hayzy:thumb315249008:A Return to the Lake by LifebugSummer sun by RobinHedbergSummer by nirnaetsummer in Poland HDR by LethielGirls of summer 9 by d0zz

.:: Falling ::. by Whimsical-DreamsSunset by Lilith1995:thumb314682537:summer by dobby4Girls of summer 4 by d0zzSummer by marinsuslic

I´ve been so busy lately that I couldn´t be very active on dA...but my last final exam is next wednesday and then I´ll have about 3 months to relax and be creative again before university starts!
so here´s a school related feautre...also showing things that helped me to keep up with all the learning, or places where I prefered to be at :P

back to school. by Katari01The Lady's Book. by andokadesboisCreate A Dream by Astranatto school by garkicoffee by MADemoseilleFriends by lostknightkgdream on by OrzzThe Book by fruitpunch1Like a Ten Minute Dream by P0RGdream on. by indiaePen-Ink by Dreams-Made-Fleshwaiting for summer by P0RGPENCIL GIRL by cetrobo:thumb123326753:

School... by Im4gineTheM4gicHot chocolate by drinkpoisonschool by creaminal-The School by zuckerblautime is running out by lifelikesuicideFriends by DeadlyCasePencil Shavings by martasw33tCheesecake Chocolate Cups by claremansonIt Was Last Summer 2 by aprelkaanother Silly pencil. by wilco1703i :heart: school by inessa-emilia

LOve book by hannah-dreamBike To School by momoclaxSchool sucks by liese-lottathe book of Love by Orwaldschool. by berryteaBack to school by NintendoChick109Good Book by Paranoid-Duckkieschool and life by M-E-S-H-Ofriends. by vadaleinCoffee by emolawnStrawberries and Chocolate by AmandaSupakBeach friends. by taraaaRed cat by AnettphotoWas A Dream by NanaBleedsStarsdream a little dream of me. by phoenixgraphixstudiobook by AlphaONE666Summer by immortalFrogChocolate Pastry Creams by claremanson

my first feature after my submission´s expired...hope it works with all the thumbs..

Spring by fruitpunch1Arrival of Spring by ravadorSpring by Alabastracrowded by MaryMagpiflower by 7Redhotz:thumb161384162:The Two of Us by sourcowFlower for you II by danschYellow flower III by sa-cool

it´s over...

Sat Apr 7, 2012, 8:34 AM

bye bye premium!³ countdown =D yeah, today´s the last day of my subscription and therefore my last feature (for now)
I´ll miss it, but at least dA´s still a great place ;)


revelation by ersatz-moonin the prime of life. by simoendli:frozen time: by candymaxDreaming by Holunder.. spring by BaxiaArtWake Up to Sprigtime by CecilyAndreuArtwork:red: by 8o-clockfeelings. by EniPerduTitanium by dangerous-glow:thumb214552864:Childstory by eulalievarenneKiara by lipstickmisfit:thumb170334225::thumb290597698:Staring At The Moon by catch---22:thumb255124227:Wear - Heart 16 by DorottyaSMemories by Labrinth63:thumb274040576:F a m i l y by ZanaSoulno pressure ... by impatienss

:thumb288612206:Passing over the Pink by HeidipickelsTennis net by AndreaBeslic.: Silence is golden :. by Frank-BeerSpring Passion by Zeit-Bild-PhotoArtGood morning by slyadnevglow by jeally-bulletHowl by MatoweCzyBlyszczace.Laid down in sombre sleep. by Minophelia:thumb286685537:Shiny tea ... by aoao2

:thumb283981110:a rabbit hearted girl by evivalarte.peace. by Question26Neila by pietervanbalenEbruli bir aksamda... by fiyonk14Je Ne Regrette Rien by Alessia-IzzoStare at me by JustliveurlifeFallen Mists by EmilySotoNaz# by Jay-JusufWe Moved In Silence 2 by hakanphotographySpring is here again...reproductive glands by TurquoiseGrrrlPaint your own sky by loLO-o

the final countdown!

Thu Apr 5, 2012, 2:25 AM

bye bye premium!²

again! I just cant believe how fast one year goes by!

Only 3 more days till my subscription expires and as I cant afford to buy a new one myself (also I dont have a credit card or pay pal to purchase one :D ) I´ll have to get used to the idea of not having premium again! aww, I´ll miss all the features :/

However, I decided to do some great features as long as I still we go:

wonderful artworks

Weather Permits by EmilySotoCandy colours by pqphotographyDouble yellow by shenikyou amaze me. by vewolffFrom London with love by KentLeRouxHidden by shenik:thumb293886131:SUNSET by Myrto-Pwinter is going away by Zi0oTo:thumb269313139:Blissful Stories by TheCameraGirlBrown Haze by bwaworga123 by t-ufanlove stories. .. by light-from-Emirates

Zen by paikan07Dance of the wind by chongcs:thumb114825681:Let's Play by Arebise40454' by FlameVinciA cup of candy by KokopaMorgan by EmilySotoSwim in deep.. . by addy-ack

Flo cop gesticulates by pmd1138:thumb269993078:the sun goes down by carpeemorteemlin6 by jarrod343we were young by sbnmkcPretty Presents by Kezzi-RoseAnother summer in Zagreb by TurquoiseGrrrlThe violence behind by Julie-de-WaroquierOur first Sunset by XanaduPhotographySummer Escape by LastGlanceMidnight by StacyDLaid on the grass by fiixxDisorder by incolor16Boston: Cedar Line Way. by inbrainstorm

watcher feauture!

I cant feature all of my wonderful watchers, but at least I can try to do that for a few of them...thanks guys, for everything!

Norge01 by Gehoersturzuniversity of golden clouds by KalliistoPink by Birthstone. m u s i c a l . by mistandsparkles:thumb190178921:Bir Tutku by abdullahgumusEverything A Big Bad Wolf Could Want by 33M.: N e p t u n e :. by Nariscuss

Morning fog by OreGaOmaeOMamoruBerlin - Reichstagskuppel 2 by dunkeltoyReminiscence by hushedwordsstop looking at me by butterfly-x3fisheye bw trees by loobyloukittyBrowny I by ladynathz

another piece of Berlin by RainbikerAloft by iria

final countdown...

Thu Mar 29, 2012, 9:18 AM

bye bye premium!

again! I just cant believe how fast one year goes by!

Only one more week till my subscription expires and as I cant afford to buy a new one myself (also I dont have a credit card or pay pal to purchase one :D ) I´ll have to get used to the idea of not having premium again! aww, I´ll miss all the features :/

However, I decided to do some great features as long as I still we go:

wonderful artworks

monday by Jayantarafairytale by M0THartTime to pretend by krmenxay e s t e r d a y by phoenixgraphixstudioshineonmeMRsun by jazzrailuntitled by opriscoday seven by NikolasBrummervintage 22 by Freeq22Kotwica by ogonowskamajaImitosis by ifsantagi am as i am by Snukki
Oriental Conceptual by RickyThomsonP by patharchirimoya. by Senju-HiMeDusk in October by platenVintage - Laura I by Neohack55.:Bohemian Love:. by MissLaurelle

in search for myself by augenweidelooking for by M0THartI am the voice by NiiveleggeljaMay It Be by beyondtheview
Feeling Lazy by TheFatbudaBeauty III by Amanda-DiazMid Day by Amanda-Diazcalling out by RedPolaroid

Bright Summer by Cute-And-Brightwarm winters day by SaphoPhotographicssummer breeze. by simoendlifeel the spring by Orwaldgolden memories by mj-magic:thumb216729153:4647 by nairafeeFlora Drop by nnIKOOPetites etoiles by naked-in-the-rain
Up From the Ashes by goRillA-iNKspring green by night-fatein the mood by diensilverfirework by MartinAmmShiver by MyLifeThroughTheLens

convergence by augenweideEclipse by DismayedSense

San Francisco, Feeding by alierturkcurtains said welcome by kopitaMunich I by Jules1983N I G H T . R I D E R by k-tonesBNF IV by Alexandre-Bordereau
Paris Cityscape by hannahjennyInto The Storm by kkartSugar Loaf Single by FuriousxrW-III by fal-name

Into the Abyss by SoulofNovemberTriangle by xMEGALOPOLISxThe Path of Light by xMEGALOPOLISxSan Francisco, reflection by alierturkRooftops by xMEGALOPOLISxDiagonally by PansaSunaveeTram by oriontrailKawah Putih by Hengki24Rock Taraje by Hengki24
Chicago CXXV by DanielJButlerIMG_0584 by StevenKauk

city life...

Sun Feb 26, 2012, 7:19 AM

wonderful artworks

Rythm by Sid-NasGit - Gel by cerenimoNDSM by GAL-actic
Tram by amphibiaBig city life by AnnWedHong Kong market by stas-nagy
Waiting for you.. by MukimakiI'm Gonna Leave You by airamgthe walls by A-l-a-s-s-e-a

Hong Kong traffic lights by romainjlCentral station by supaphatt
Candy Street by DeBuenaventurau r b a n m a t r i x by Val-Faustino:thumb283761019:

Via Roma by s1LVERF1SHPraha XVI by JustynkaSummer by MMB-Photo
I was coming back to you, but the snow stopped me by d-s-fotoLa promenade du chien by cameraflouCircle by drolchi
Solitudine. by MrsWildeChristmas Rush 2011 by ordre-symboliqueaway! (along the grey walls) by Igor-Demidov
Open Tunnel by BeerendsChicago CXXXIV by DanielJButlerFrankfurt Hauptwache by deoroller

BRIGHT SIDE by puken:thumb281573013:During The Sunset by Aivaseda
Duel by paikan07Architecture in Germany HDR by ToinantChurch, Freiburg by Dinozzaver
:thumb286266996:Dubai Hilton Penthouse by VerticalDubaiSafa Views by VerticalDubai
I Mahmud cesmesi 2 by leventsteNew York - Manhattan B. by DarkSaiFCincinnati by KrisVlad
sheung wan by Fersydark city by Fersyunreal city by Fersy


tower bridge at night by CaryMponte di rialto by CaryM


Tue Feb 21, 2012, 8:31 AM

wonderful artworks

Morning Flowers by maximaxi13A shot of happyness by pqphotographymissing spring. by MookieKid:thumb202363755:Paradise by MissParisienne
Glitter by Somebody--elseLost Treasure by goRillA-iNKChristmas Sweets by LuizaLazarFallin' in Love by diensilvertender by photographybyfallonHey there! by AimishBoyDots On Stripes by IngoSchobertThe Pearls Of Dew by darkcalypsoFlash by jonniedeeRainbow II by Serend1pityRoborevolution by May-ElenaMake It Colorful by goRillA-iNKLoved Forever. by andokadesboisComplex Imagination by popoks
:thumb284928649:Somewhere Over The Bokeh Rainbow by goRillA-iNK:thumb211682696:::Caution its LOVE:: by Bntuae

Everything´s so grey here...

Tue Feb 14, 2012, 5:06 AM

random feature

I miss the summer...and colors...

dreamy by jennyiscool983ferris wheel by BeautifulPhotographwinter dreaming by SaphoPhotographicssummer shade. by simoendliBubbly by EliseEnchanteddistraction by photographybyfallonone.. by impatiensssummer love. .. by lipstickmisfitLet the pictures do the talkig by BlueColoursOfNaturemake a wish by Sayumi-sanCookie-fu Master by photosopherPetite by damaskangelSugary Stars by The-Cute-Stormforest glow by SvitakovaEva

world is not a rainbow by yuya-yo:thumb228725735:under the rain by OrwaldRainbow colours by nomatterwhyjoyous by SaphoPhotographicsFlesh and Acrylic - C.Madison1 by BenHeineTechnicolour Splurge by Eman333CMYK - Final Version by mademoiselledyLightweight Jo by IMustBeDeadUnexpected Greeting by rabbit888:thumb279029108:Happy Valentine's Day by damaskangelThe Last Day Before the Fall by pacificdreamsDelirium.2 by miiwaaI drank Rainbow by SubhadipKoley

Winter Rainbow by Sandy515Lentejuelas al papel by Aralevadelightful. by iheartcoloursFly away by ScribblePaperL'appetit pour l'amour by PaolajnI Love The Rain by ifsantagCheers.. by pacificdreams. Shimmer . by KimberleePhotographyGot the Blues.. by pacificdreams

so little times, so many great pics...

Mon Jan 23, 2012, 12:45 PM

random feature

I used to do so much more it seems I lack the time. Sometimes even to answers all my messages. Makes me kinda sad :(

Precious Jewel by Eltasia.confidence in thyself. by GrotesqueDarling13A Retrospective of Extravaganza by brokenbokehI Play Checkers, You Play ... by IngoSchobertMorning Drop by nnIKOOCandy canes by JustMe255Last days of my life by PawelMatysIllusion by MissUnfortunatecolourful fantasy by sweetprimeroseDots and Stars by Cute-And-Brightnonchalant. by Fwirlllittle sun by OrwaldTwo Hundred Eight. by AnnarigbyLucky Colors. by andokadesboisSummer time. by 0palineExpression by incolor16You and I by Sau-toh-SauBlacklight 70 by BulldoggenliebchenKiara by lipstickmisfitB-Side Of Life by di3ggo

Hi there!

Sun Jan 1, 2012, 2:03 AM

Click to add text2012

Well, I guess I should wish everyone a happy new year, but I´ve already seen too many journals like that instead I am just gonna wish everyone a good year for their art. Keep up the good work!

random feature

Celebration 2012 by Sooper-DeviantSurfers Paradise Christmas Eve by DrewHopperSun by By-who-photographyA Powerful Sky by CanonSX20:thumb276820398:Welcoming 2012 by nhuthanhFirework 02 by Kleener-83horizons by M0THart

1000 questions by popokspresent for you.. . . by Fwirll:thumb276833903:., . ., by buczSowing the Seeds of Hope by AlthytrionISSENDI . by GabrielleIsabeaustamens:. by efelineSmokin Hot by sanjalydia

Only sky above us... by my-shotsfirework by MartinAmmThe Magic Stripe by erezmaromMoments by tourofnature

Help a sister out!

Sun Dec 11, 2011, 11:59 AM

I need your help!

My group, Daily-Deviations , needs your help!

First of all, we need admins! We appreciate any help, but especially admins for 3D, traditional art,  artisan craft and some others. If you want to be an admin, for anything, please message me and we´ll find a way you can help. It´d  be totally appreciated.

Also we used to be a Super Group, but lost that status a few days ago. I want it to be a supergroup again, therefore I´ve started a Donation Pool on my main page. Check it out, for only 10 points you can be featured on our Page and your artwork will be seen by many people!

If you dont want to or cant donate points and cant be an admin, either, still check us out, because we offer something for everyone!

snowy snow...

Day 337 by FramedByNatureDay 342 by FramedByNatureLet it snow by love-in-focus-PhotoWinter by BabySchmidtwinter is coming by thebestfeelingWinter by voorikvergeetwinter mood by dorinaphotography
:thumb272830503:Winter Sleep by faintsmile28winter. by magnesinaWinter cold by EliseEnchantedThe Passage by r3novatio

Photo project!

Sun Nov 13, 2011, 5:39 AM

A - Z

I´ve decided to do a photo project called A -Z. I am gonna take pictures of something starting with A, B, etc.
I am already pretty excited! :aww:

Please note that I am going to do it in German, though. I will translate it, of course, but the letters just wont fix sometimes ....
I simply figured I´d come up with better ideas in my native language =D

A wie Apfel

Apfel means apple. It´s autumn and apples are part of it! I especially like the red ones! =D

B wie Bäume

Bäume means trees. Another thing I love about autumn, trees are suddenly colorful.

C wie Chamäleon

I dont like people who try too hard to fit in by doing what others think is good. Or the other extreme, avoiding it too hard.
Just be yourself, because that´s better than being fake.
Chamäleon means chameleon. I took it as a symbol for changing who you are to be liked.